Barbados is a great stop on your trip to satisfy travelers of any age. This versatile island has everything from inexpensive youth hostels to luxurious high class hotel suites. Plenty of long open beaches and lots of locations for exciting water sports. Whether you want to chill out on of Barbados’ more isolated beaches or experience the bustling action in Bridgetown, Barbados is a fabulous pick for all types of adventurers!

Barbados has the largest airport in the Eastern Caribbean with flights arriving from U.S. via American, Caribbean Airlines, JetBlue, and US Airways.

Yachting from Barbados

We anchor in St. Charles port. Port St. Charles is also a vacation rental complex of villas and apartments. You can book a private apartment here. Just down the beach are also Almond Beach Resort (4 star) and Sandridge Beach Hotel (3 star).

Boats at this Location:

Jefferson 48

Other boats may be available with addition of transfer fees.

Barbedos has so many natural features that we typically recommend itineraries that stay along the shore. Circle the island and discover fantastic beaches such as Crane Beach, one of the Caribbeans most beautiful, limestone caverns. Stop in Oistin or Carlisle Bay for a dive and explore old shipwrecks. With 70 miles of nearly perfect beaches and you’ll have the means to find the most secluded ones. What more could you want? We recommend keeping it simple and flexible here. Go ashore have a visit to the wildlife reserve and tease some monkeys. Hike the Arbib Nature and Heritage trail and work up an appetite. Then dine at one the many fantastic restaurants like local favorite Oistins fish fry. Then head back for an evening swim and dry off on deck of your yacht with an evening cocktail. Want to experience the feeling of island hopping? Head West away from Barbedos and explore the neighboring islands of St. Vincent and St. Lucia.