Island Luxury. This is one of the most developed islands in the Caribbean. Similar to Barbados, this is a fantastic choice for those that want variety of on-shore choices or have a no-stress holiday in one of Cayman’s many beautiful resorts. Cayman has been a favorite destination for visitors from America for a long time and has a very well maintained infrastructure and caters to travelers and tourist alike. What it lacks in natural rawness that some other islands offer it makes of for with excellent dining and drinking, beaches and water sports!

70 minute flight from Miami, Cayman is easy to get to. There are at least 55 weekly flights into the islands from Dallas, Houston, Atlanta, Charlotte, Washington D.C., Philadelphia, Detroit, Chicago, St. Paul, Tampa and Miami. Land on Grand Cayman. We operate out of that island so you don’t need a connecting inter-island flight.

Yachting in the Cayman Islands

We anchor at the Cayman Islands Yacht Club (see map). There are several vacation rental condos very close by such as the Anchorage Condos. But we recommend staying at the Grand Cayman Marriott Beach Resort on the south end of Seven Mile Beach. We can arrange a taxi if needed.

Boats at this Location:

Tarquin 59

Other boats may be available with addition of transfer fees.

When you include all the variety between Grand Cayman, Little Cayman, and Cayman Brac, you’ll need at least two weeks to explore. We make exceptions for the 30 mile rule when you have a recognized skipper certification so if you do, why not explore all 3!

Grand Cayman has incredible opportunities to swim with and feed majestic stingrays in Stingray City or Sandbar. Snorkel through amazing Coral Gardens in endless shallow waters teaming with tropical fish, soft corals, and nurse sharks. Anchor off shore and swim and then wade onto some of the most calm, waveless water on Mini Sandbar. Anchor off North Sound and spend the night watching glistening glowing twinkles from thousands of bio-luminescent dinoflagellates which glow and light up the water. Set sail and cross to Little Cayman and drop in a fishing line at the Cayman trench. Come ashore for an evening beach BBQ or seaside massage at Little Cayman Beach Resort. Head to the East side on a weekday and lounge on Point of Sand, a luminescent pink sand beach that you may very well have all to yourself! Try a dive at the world famous Bloody Bay Wall or anchor off the tiny island of Owen Island where you can spend the day on a tiny 11 acre piece of quiet undeveloped natural land with more lovely snorkeling.