One of our fastest growing destinations in terms of popularity. Cuba, one of the Caribbean’s lesser visited islands is one of the most authentic of the Caribbean islands. Foreign visitors have only been common in most recent years so Cuba has really retained its own unique flavor and culture. Visitors quickly fall in love with the food, architecture, and landscape as well as the warm and friendly people. Cuba boasts stunning beaches on the coastal areas and rich lush tropical landscapes in the interior. The island country has supported the development of marinas with many services. Come see for yourself and experience the authentic spirit of Cuba!

There are special considerations that need to be addressed when visiting Cuba which we will discuss on your reservation phone call. We cannot accept reservations for this location from parties that include U.S. citizens at this time. We expect this to change change in the near future.

Yachting from Cuba

We anchor in Cienfuegos. The location changes from month to month so we will discuss that with you during reservation. Cienfuegos is filled with delightful entertainment and restaurants.

Cuba is where you want to sail if you want the greatest combination of cultural opportunities but also, it offers more small island anchor points than just about any of our other destinations. The Canarreos Archipelago has hundreds of lonely spots where you can get some quiet time on deserted sandy stretches of paradise.

One recommended circuit to follow as a Cuba itinerary is from Cienfuegos to Guajimico for a taste of a more rural location. Then on to Cayo ZaZa de Fera and then to Cayo Breton where the nature reserve area starts and spectacular snorkeling is offset by flamingos, turtles, iguanas and butterflies. This is untouched land the way Columbus would have seen it. Cuba has several sunken ship dive sites easily found by diving guides some of which are Spanish galleons from the 17th to 18th centuries.

You can also fly fish in many parts of Cuba in a way that might spoil you for fishing anywhere else. Read this glowing description from one of the fishing guide companies in Cuba – Avalon Cuban Fishing Centers:

Fly fishing in Cuba is far different from other destinations in the Caribbean. Only in recent years has this flats fishery been developed, and you are fishing waters that have not seen sport fishing for nearly fifty years. Cuba has given these pristine areas protection as Cuban National Marine Parks, where no commercial fishing is allowed other than for lobster. Flats fish like Tarpon, Permit, Bonefish, Snook, Mutton Snapper, Barracuda, and a variety of Jacks are found in incredible numbers and since the fishing pressure is so light in these areas the fish rarely encounter sport fishermen and are unusually easy to catch.

Think about a place where you can fish more than 100 miles of flats without seeing another fisherman, a place where the flats fishing is so good, you can catch seven species of fish in one day, a place where big bonefish run toward your fly even when it hits the water too hard, rather than streaking off the flat in the other direction, a place where you have a legitimate chance for a Grand Slam every day of the year, a place where big permit are as plentiful as they were in the Florida Keys 30 years ago, a place where you can wade miles of white-sand flats in your bare feet for big bonefish, a place where you’ll find enough big tarpon, jacks, ’cudas, and sharks on the flats to wear you out!